Off-Grid Solar Engineering company Launches Direct to the Public RV & Marine Wholesale Products Online

Off-Grid Solar Engineering company Launches Direct to the Public RV & Marine Wholesale Products Online

PALM DESERT, CA – October 1, 2019 Top-of-the line, Name-Brands solar electric components for RVs and Marine are now available online direct to the public from a true wholesale supplier. Through our wholesale membership club, the public can purchase at tremendous discounts components that were only available at set manufactures minimum pricing.

“I recently entered the Off-Grid Lifestyle, and during that transition and as an Electrical Engineer, I designed my own solar power system for my Class A RV. I saw my experience as an opportunity to contribute to this growing community by breaking through the advertised price or MSRP barriers on top-line solar electronics with a wholesale membership club and making these products affordable to the general public and DIY market,” quoted by the  CEO.

Off-Grid Wholesalers launched on October 1, 2019 with a diverse selection of off-grid wholesale electronics, solar electricity components, accessories, and tools. Concentrating on only offering top-of-the line Name Brands, Off-Grid Wholesalers is a dealer for Victron Energy inverter, batteries, and charge controller, Sterling Power battery chargers, BMS-Ancor Marine, Blue Sea Systems dc to ac, FTZ, BEP Marinco, Battle Born with over 3000 products available.

The online membership platform allows the general public to sign up and become an instant wholesale buyer. Unlike mega stores, such as Amazon Prime, Costco, Sams Club, and other big-box outlets, offering membership-based buying where customers don’t get wholesale prices, Off-Grid Wholesalers’ membership actually gives the members true wholesaler prices on a diverse selection of specialty renewable energy products for the Off-Grid RV solar, marine electrical and Solar energy buyers.

This concept opens the door for the robustly growing DIY flood of people moving to the Off-Grid Lifestyle with power independence. The market is being flooded with You Tube videos on how to construct your own off grid living, with Solar Power energy. All these videos often mention the brand names of equipment to use, but only give links to Amazon, eBay, or specialty outlets on where to buy them at retail prices. Now the public can purchase the exact Top-Line items at true wholesale discounts.

Originally, as an engineering an installation firm, Off-Grid Circuits designed power systems for the growing community of marine parts, marine electrical and RV solar systems enthusiasts. The engineering services remain, as members can still hire an engineer to work hand-in-hand on the design concept for their specific solar power needs, while at the same time getting deep discounts on the equipment they design into a system.

Some people only want to charge phones while having an off grid living lifestyle or camping off grid, while others want to be completely self-contained with their power needs including cooking, water heating, televisions, computers, chargers, and even air conditioning. Off-Grid Circuits can engineer any system the consumer would need and at the same time provide access to huge discounts on every detail of all the components required with the wholesale membership.

Since launching the online membership platform, Off-Grid Wholesalers has also developed an affiliate program for Youtube Channels and those who want to grow their viewership. Many You Tube channels have offered advice on Off Grid Solar photovoltaic Projects for their installations. This affiliate program will allow these channels, blogs, forums, and marketers an avenue to provide a real benefit with substantial discounts to their viewers, rather than just a link to a retail outlet. Off-Grid Wholesalers is now LIVE and shipping products daily to members. The site can be found at The Link to our affiliate program can be found here.