Class A Super Build, Solar Design Services

Class A Super Solar Power Build Coming Soon!

Time has come!  We are going to engineer, build and show off a Class A, Off-Grid Powerhouse.

Our current test bench took a fatal blow recently. Fortunately no one was seriously injured except, perhaps,  Progressive Insurance who had to pay out for a “Total Loss”.  Sorry Flo.

Step one is to pick the replacement platform. We have two top pics in the running.

The two pics are Tiffin Open Road Allegro 32SA or a Fleetwood Bounder 33C.
We will need some simple modifications to the roof area to accommodate the solar array. This includes removal or relocation of the terrestrial TV  and Satellite TV antennas and possible re-routing of the house solar pre-wire, installation of a solar junction box and some electrical system modifications for proper inverter sizing. We will also be looking at switching the inverter power system to 24V DC for efficiency.
Both are exactly the same length and nearly exact specifications. We are going to pick the Class A with the most “Class”, as far as features, quality and manufacturers support on this project.


One thing to note. The smashed test platform above had 1800 Watts of solar on the roof. After the crash, it was still producing 100% power and all but a couple crash damaged AC circuits were functioning perfect. Something to be said about doing things right!